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Thursday 22. April 2010
Category: News of the faculty
Studentinnen treffen Studentinnen
Thursday 29. May 2008
Category: News of the faculty
Faculty-Team wins "Finnbahn"-Meeting

Business Administration and Economics in Bielefeld

The fundamental objective of Economics and Business Administration studies is to explain economic interrelations and to make predictions about the effects of economic decisions. The focus is on understanding and shaping economic processes and structures. Theoretical analyses as well as empirical research are necessary in order to achieve these goals.

Both aspects are embraced by the teaching and research conducted within the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. The emphasis placed on quantitative approaches in our faculty results from the insight that complex and interdependent economic relationships can frequently be described and conveyed with greater precision by using mathematical methods rather than verbal means.

17 professors are currently teaching and conducting research in the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. Approximately 2,000 students are studying towards a Bachelor's, Master's or Diploma degree, the last of these now being phased out. Female students account for 40% of the student body, and 15% are from abroad (Source: 2007 Statistical Yearbook).

The Faculty comprises the three disciplines Business Administration, Economics and Statistics/Econometry. Furthermore, there is a personal association with the Institute of Mathematical Economics.