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Modern Statistics - Between Theory and Solving Real World Problems

The workshop "Modern Statistics - Between Theory and Solving Real World Problems" takes place at Bielefeld University, June 3rd, 2011.

Statistics as discipline has changed over the last decades towards an application and problem driven science. What has been achieved with this movement and what are new burning research questions? The workshop gives a small answer to this big question by demonstrating how statistics can be used to solve real world problems.



Invited Speakers:

Paul Eilers, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

Asymmetric Penalties in Action


Nial Friel, University College Dublin, Ireland

Challenges in the analysis of social network data


Ernst Wit, University of Groningen, Netherlands

Model-based penalized network inference with graphical models



Murray Aitkin, University of Melbourne, Australia

New Bayesian methods for testing independence in sparse two-way contingency tables





Deadline: May 29th, 2011

Registration fees:
Students: 10 €
Academics: 25 €
Students and Academics of Bielefeld University: free of charge


Local Organisers: Ursula Berger, Göran Kauermann, Nina Westerheide