Thesis Topics

All of the following topics can be written in English or German! Bachelors thesis topics are not explicitly listed, but the topics are similar to those listed here. If you are interested in a topic, please contact Ms. Aufdemkamp for an appointment.

1. Optimizing Container Barge Stowage Plans (More Information: pdf)

This topic is perfect for anyone interested in working with a real company to solve a difficult, real-world problem. The goal is to model the problem faced by the company mathematically and implement a prototype system for providing decision support.

2. Deep Learning Tree Search (More Information: pdf)

We have created a technique combing deep neural networks with a tree search. This technique can solve optimization problems and we are currently looking for students interested in using it to model problems from the Operations Research literature. This topic is perfect for anyone with an interest in both machine learning (in particular deep learning) and operations research/analytics.

3. Optimizing Container Terminal Yard Stacking and Retrieval Procedures (More Information: pdf)

Interested in global supply chains and container logistics? The goal of this thesis topic is to make the transportation of containers even more efficient through optimized handling procedures within a container terminal. This topic is good for anyone interested in mathematical modeling and/or simulation.

4. Suggest a topic

Do you have an idea you would like to study? Come by and we will discuss whether it can be advised within the DOT group.


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Paper accepted in EJOR

Together with Catherine Cleophas (Lancaster University), Caitlin Cottrill (University of Aberdeen), and Jan Fabian Ehmke (University of Magdeburg), our survey paper "Collaborative Urban Transportation: Recent Advances in Theory and Practice" was accepted in the European Journal of Operational Research. The article investigates the combination of passenger and freight transportation within a single mode in urban environments and proposes a research agenda for the future.

The paper is available at:

New thesis topics

We have made several new thesis topics available. Please take a look.