Research Lecture from Tatsushi Nishi

Prof. Tatsushi Nishi from the University of Osaka, Japan will be giving the following research lecture during his stay in Bielefeld.

Date: 08/11/2018
Time: 10:00
Location: X-E0-216
Title: Data centric approach for supply chain optimization
Abstract: We are working on the project called "Development of data-based identification of discrete optimization problems". In this talk, two topics are introduced. The first topic is the simultaneous optimization of product configuration and supply chain planning considering customer's participation in product design. The second topic is the learning-based approach for identification of objective function for production scheduling problems. 


Gemeinsame Tagung der AG Wirtschaftsinformatik (GOR) und der WK Operations Research (VHB)

Der Lehrstuhl für Decision and Operation Technologies hält am 24/25 Januar 2019 eine Tagung zum Thema "Data Science and Operations Research". Anmeldungen sind nun möglich.