Welcome to the web pages of the Data Science Group!

Our aim is to gain knowledge from data in order to use it for medicine, environment and society. For this purpose, we represent the subject of data science in research and teaching.

The group was established in January 2018 and is closely linked to the Biostatistics research group of the Institute of Computational Biology at the Helmholtz Zentrum München.

While this page is still under construction, please visit the Biostatistics web page for more information about our activities.



Prof. Dr. Christiane Fuchs

Room V9 - 132
Phone +49 521 106-2576
Email christiane.fuchs@uni-bielefeld.de


Angelika Gerent

Room V9 - 138
Phone +49 521 106-6930
Email agerent@wiwi.uni-bielefeld.de


If you are interested in a position as postdoctoral researcher or doctoral student, please contact us!

We are currently looking for student assistants!