Flexible Large-scale Agent Visualization Library

The Flexible Large-scale Agent Visualization Library (FLAViz) is a data analysis and visualization library developed for multi-agent / agent-based simulations generated using the FLAME framework.

Agent-based simulation models typically generate data that spans multiple dimensions, e.g. parameter sets, Monte Carlo replication runs, different agent types, multiple agent instances per type, many variables per agent, and time periods (iterations).

To deal with such a large heterogeneity in the data dimensions, the data has to be stored as organized data sets, to allow for proper data aggregation, data filtering, selection, slicing etc. The software package FLAViz can be used to filter, transform, and visualize time series data that has been stored using multiple hierarchical levels in the HDF5 file format. Various kinds of plots can be specified, e.g., time series, box plots, scatter plots, histograms, and delay plots.

Download: FLAViz GitHub Repository