The Eurace@Unibi Model

The Eurace@Unibi model provides a representation of a closed macroeconomic model with a spatial structure. The main objective is to provide a micro-founded macroeconomic model that can be used as a unifi ed framework for policy analysis in different economic policy areas and for the examination of generic macroeconomic research questions. In spite of this general agenda the model has been constructed with certain specific research questions in mind and therefore certain parts of the model, e.g. the mechanisms driving technological change, have been worked out in more detail than others.

The Eurace@Unibi model presented here is based on the agent-based macroeconomic simulation platform developed within the EURACE  project. After the completion of the EURACE project in Nov. 2009 a group consisting of Herbert Dawid, Simon Gemkow, Philipp Harting, Michael Neugart and Sander van der Hoog has extended and altered the model substantially in numerous directions leading to the current version of the model.

The model can be executed in the ETACE Virtual Appliance.

Source code of the Eurace@Unibi Model can be downloaded here.