Innovation-fuelled, Sustainable, Inclusive Growth (ISIGrowth)

Starting May 2015 this project is funded by the European Union under the call 'The European Growth Agenda' of the Horizon 2020 program. 

The main goal of ISIGrowth is twofold. First, it will provide novel and comprehensive diagnostics of the relationships between innovation, employment dynamics and growth in an increasingly globalized and financialised world economy. Second, on the grounds of such diagnostics, it will elaborate policy scenarios and we will deliver a coherent policy toolkit to achieve the Europe 2020 objectives of smart, sustainable
and inclusive growth.

In order to deliver the comprehensive diagnostics and coherent set of policy tools, the project will undertake the analysis from several, highly complementary, angles, namely:

(i) the long-term dynamics of European economies, considering especially their degrees of innovativeness, their patterns of structural transformation, and their growth performances;

(ii) the position of European economies in the global production and financial networks, in order to study the effect of increasing globalisation of production and finance on the emerging de-industrialisation patterns observed in some European regions;

(iii) the nature and drivers of the observed increasing inequality in an attempt to disentangle purported ‘skill biases’ of technical change, ‘globalisation effects’, ‘financialisation effects’ and possible broader institutional causes;

(iv) the multiple links between the financial sector and the real economy, which are important for the rates of innovation, growth and income distribution;

(v) the dual role of innovation as a driver of income and employment growth and a labour-saving factor, relating the ensuing patterns to the flows of job creation and destruction;

(vi) the links between ‘Schumpeterian’ patterns of innovation and ‘Keynesian’ mechanisms of demand generation, and study the conditions under which their combination and different ensembles of policies can drive socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth.

The project we will employ (i) state-of-the-art econometric techniques combining rich micro, industry, market-, regional and country level data together with ‘theory-informed’ historical case studies of key industry actors in particular sectors; (ii) network approach to stuy the possible dynamics that are crucial to growth (e.g. mitigating financialisation and deindustrialisation, fostering innovation and sustainable development); (iii) formal but empirically-grounded models as laboratories for policy analysis exploring the conditions under which smart and sustainable growth (as described above) can be achieved by different combinations of innovation, industry, fiscal and monetary policies.

International Partners:

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy
University of Sussex, UK
Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques (Sciences Po), France
Bielefeld University, Germany
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
University of Zurich, Switzerland
Columbia University, NY, NY.
United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, Chile


Involved Researchers at Bielefeld University:

Herbert Dawid (Unit Head)

Philipp Harting

Sander van der Hoog

Anna Zaharieva

Mariya Mitkova





New EU Project

The European Union has selected the project GROWINPRO ('Growth Welfare Innovation Productivity')for funding under the Horizon 2020 Call 'TRANSFORMATIONS-14-2018 — Supply and demand-oriented economic policies to boost robust growth in Europe – Addressing the social and economic challenges in Europe'. The ETACE members Herbert Dawid, Philipp Harting and Anna Zaharieva are members of the project consortium. The project will run for 3 years and receive funding of about 3 Mio Euro, with 240.000 EURO going to Bielefeld University.

New Handbook on Computational Economics

The 4th volume of the Handbook of Computational Economics with title 'Heterogeneous Agent Modeling' has just been published. It includes a survey on 'Agent-based Macroeconomics' co-authored by Herbert Dawid and many other surveys of the state of the art in different areas closely related to ETACE research.

BA 2025 Arbeitsmarktpolitik in Zeiten von Digitalisierung und Arbeitskräftemangel

A public lecture at the ZIF with a topic "BA 2025 Arbeitsmarktpolitik in Zeiten von Digitalisierung und Arbeitskräftemangel" will be given by Michael Köster from the German Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) on the 4th of July (18:15). The talk will be in German, please, see the poster for more details.

Migration and Refugees from a Global Labour Market Perspective

A workshop at the ZIF with a title "Migration and Refugees from a Global Labour Market Perspective" will be held on the 5-6th of July. It is an interdisciplinary workshop, but there are several presentations by economists on the program.

CEF 2018

ETACE members actively participated and presented papers at the 24th International Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance (CEF 2018) in Milano http://comp-econ.org/CEF_2018/.

New Working Paper

Harting P, Radi D (2018) Residential segretation. The role of inequality and housing subsidies Universität Bielefeld Working Papers in Economics and Management; 06-2018.

Herbert Dawid

will give a talk on 'Cohesion Policy and Inequality Dynamics: Insights from a Heterogeneous Agents Macroeconomic Model' on June 8th at the 2nd Research Conference of the Macroeconomic Modelling and Model Comparison Network (MMCN) in Stanford.

Anna Zaharieva

in Interview with "Neue Westfällische", 8th of May 2018.

Workshop at ZIF

Anna Zaharieva, Michael Neugart and Sigrid Quack are organising a workshop at ZIF, "What enables a market to cross national borders? The role of institutions, networks and conventions". 7-8th of June. Program here


The research magazine 'BI.research' has published an interview with Anna Zaharieva explaining the Potential Consequences of Globalization.

DICE Research Seminar Düsseldorf

Anna Zaharieva gives a talk in the DICE Research Seminar at the University of Düsseldorf on the 24 of April, paper title "Social Networks, Promotions and the Glass-Ceiling Effect", joint work with Michael Neugart.

New Journal Article Accepted

Iftikhar, Z. and Zaharieva, A.(2018) General Equilibrium Effects of Immigration in Germany: Search and Matching Approach, Review of Economic Dynamics

Herbert Dawid will give an invited plenary talk

on 'Manager Remuneration, Share Buybacks and Firm Performance' at the Fifth International Symposium in Computational Economics and Finance (http://www.iscef.com/index.html) on April 13, 2018 in Paris.

The magazine 'Technology Review'

has published an article (in German) about the research of the ETACE Group dealing with simulation models in economics ( 'Die simulierte Gesellschaft'). 

New Journal Article Accepted

Dawid, H.; Harting, Ph., Neugart, M. (2018) Cohesion Policy and Inequality Dynamics: Insights from a Heterogeneous Agents Macroeconomic Model, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Social Networks, Referrals and Neighborhood Effects in Frictional Labour Markets

Anna Zaharieva (Bielefeld University), Michael Neugart (Univeristy of Darmstadt) and Michele Battisti (CESifo, Munich) are organising a workshop "Social Networks, Referrals and Neighborhood Effects in Frictional Labour Markets" on the 16th of April at the ZIF.

ZIF issue 1/2018

about the opening conference of the research group "In Search of the Global Labour Market" (Anna Zaharieva, Thomas Welskopp, Ursula Mense-Petermann), http://www.uni-bielefeld.de/(en)/ZiF/Publikationen/Mitteilungen/Ausgaben/

Invited presentation at the ECB

On 27.2.18 Sander van der Hoog and Dirk Kohlweyer presented a progress report on the research project on "Macroprudential policy using an agent-based model of the euro area housing market", joint with ECB staff members of the Division on Macro-Financial linkages and Stress Test Modelling (DG-MF/STM).

New Working Paper

Gezer, S. (2018) Delaying Product Introduction: A Dynamic Analysis with Endogeneous Time Horizon, Universität Bielefeld Working Papers in Economics and Management; 04-2018

Book Chapter

Dawid, H., Delli Gatti, D., (2018) Agent-Based Macroeconomics, Handbook of Computational Economics, Vol. 4 Heterogeneous Agent Models, Hommes, C., LeBaron, B.

New Journal Article

van der Hoog, S. (2018), Surrogate Modelling in (and of) Agent-Based Models: A Prospectus, Computational Economics

Bielefeld Working Papers in Economics and Management No. 04-2017

S. Barde, S. van der Hoog (2017) An Empirical Validation Protocol for Large-Scale Agent-Based Models

ISIGrowth Working Paper 02-2018

Dawid, H.,  Harting, Ph. and van der Hoog, S.  (2018) Manager Remuneration, Share Buybacks and Firm Performance

Talk at ESSEC Business School

Herbert Dawid will give a talk on "Dynamic Investment Strategies and Leadership in Product Innovation" at the ESSEC Business School (www.essec.edu/en/) in Cergy-Pontoise on January 26, 2018.

ASSA Meeting in Philadelphia

Anna Zaharieva participates in the ASSA meeting in Philadelphia, paper title "Formal Search and Referrals from a Firm's Perspective", 5-7th of January 2018.

Presentation of Paper

Philipp Harting presented the paper "On the Effects of Social Influence and Wage Expectations on Wage Inequality" at the 11th Workshop on Economic Complexity, jointly organized by OFCE and the SKEMA Business School.

Anna Zaharieva

gives a talk at the University of Darmstadt "Formal Search and Referrals from a Firm's Perspective" (November 22)

New Journal Article

van der Hoog, S. (2017) The Limits to Credit Growth: Mitigation Policies and Macroprudential Regulations to Foster Macrofinancial Stability and Sustainable Debt, Computational Economics

Journal Article Accepted

Dawid, H., Harting, Ph., Neugart, M. (2017) Fiscal Transfers and Regional Economic Growth, Review of International Economics

"Immigration: Chances and Challenges for the German Labour Market"

Anna Zaharieva gives a key-note speech at the Anniversary workshop "Immigration: Chances and Challenges for the German Labour Market", 21st of October, Konstanz University

Opening Conference of the ZiF Research Group "In Search of the Global Labour Market"

Anna Zaharieva is organizing an opening conference of the ZiF research group "In Search of the Global Labour Market" with two key-note talks by: Michael J. Piore (MIT, Cambridge) "Policy Paradigs and the Challenge to Immigration and Globalization" , 16th of October at 16:00;
Frederic Docquier (Universite Catholique de Louvain) "The Changing Structure of Immigration to the OECD: what welfare effects on member coutnries?", 18th of October at 17:30. Both presentations will take place in the ZiF Plenary Hall.

New Working Paper

Dawid, H., Pellegrino, G., Vivarelli, M. (2017) The Role of Demand in Fostering Product vs Process Innovation: A Model and an Empirical Test, Bielefeld Working Papers in Economics and Management, No. 6-2017

Key-Note Lecture

Herbert Dawid will give a key-note lecture on "Debt crisis, fiscal transfers, and regional economic growth" at the 'International Conference on
Finance and Economic Growth in the Aftermath of the Crisis' from Sep. 11-13 in Milano.

BGTS Mobiltiy Grant

Serhat Gezer has been awarded the BGTS Mobility Grant and will visit Prof. Georges Zaccour at the multi university research center GERAD in Montréal in September 2017.

EARIE 2017 in Maastricht

Serhat Gezer will present his joint work with Herbert Dawid on “Delaying Product Innovation in a Duopoly: A Strategic Dynamic Analysis” at the 44th Annual Conference of the European Association for Research in Industrial Economics (EARIE).

New Paper Accepted in Journal of Evolutionary Economics

Dawid H., Harting Ph., van der Hoog S., Neugart M, 2017 "A Heterogeneous Agent Macroeconomic Model for Policy Evaluation: Improving Transparency and Reproducibility" , Journal of Evolutionary Economics

ETACE at the CEF 2017

ETACE members will actively participate in  the 23rd International Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance (CEF 2017) in New York City (http://comp-econ.org/CEF_2017/). Herbert Dawid and Philipp Harting offer a Pre-Conference Workshop on 'Agent-based Macroeconomics' on June 27. Herbert Dawid, Philipp Harting and Sander van der Hoog will also each present a research paper during the conference.

Plenary Lecture

Herbert Dawid will give an invited plenary lecture about 'Policy Analysis in a Multi-Regional Agent-Based Framework' on June 22nd at the 6th World Congress of the International Microsimulation Association in Torino.

ETACE participates in new SFB 1283

Starting with July 2017 the collaborative research center (SFB 1283) 'Taming uncertainty and profiting from randomness and low regularity in analysis, stochastics and their applications' will be funded by the German Science Foundation. Herbert Dawid will participate in the SFB as Principal Investigator of the project 'Innovation dynamics under market uncertainty and financial constraints'.

New Article Accepted in Small Business Economics

Colombo, L., Dawid., H., Piva, M., Vivarelli, M., 2017  "Does Easy Start-Up Formation Hamper Incumbents R&D Investments?" Small Business Economics (Accepted)

New DFG Project

The German Science Foundation has decided to provide funding for the research project "The Role of Professional Networks and Firm Hierarchies for Individual Careers and Wage Inequality" with Anna Zaharieva and Herbert Dawid as Co-PIs. The project will run for three years and combine search and matching theory with agent-based simulations to analyse the role of professional networks and firm hierarchies for individual wage dynamics, income inequality and intergenerational mobility.

Paper accepted

in Labour Economics special issue in honour of the Nobel Laureate Christopher Pissarides "On the Optimal Diversification of Social Networks in Frictional Labour Markets with Occupational Mismatch", Anna Zaharieva

New Article Published in Pacific Economic Review

Dawid, H., Zou, B. (2017) Foreign direct investment with endogenous technology choice, Pacific Economic Review; 22; 3-22

Workshop on Validation Methods for Agent-Based Models

Sander van der Hoog is co-organizing a workshop at the School of Economics of the University of Kent (UK), held on 24-26 April 2017.

For details and the programme schedule, see: https://www.kent.ac.uk/economics/research/MaGHiC/events/workshop-apr17.html

Paper accepted in the Journal of Public Economic Theory

title "Optimal policy and the role of social contacts in a search model with heterogeneous workers", authors: Anna Zaharieva and Juliia Stupnytska

“Formal search and referrals from a firm's perspective"

Anna Zaharieva will present a paper dealing with the a. m. topic at the Annual Search and Matching Conference in Barcelona on May, 31  - June, 2  2017.

Article Accepted in Review of International Economics

Dawid, H., Harting, P., Neugart, M. (2017) Fiscal Transfers and Regional Economic Growth; Review of International Economics (accepted)

New ZiF Research Group

Anna Zaharieva together with two colleagues Ursula Mense-Petermann (Faculty of Sociology) and Thomas Welskopp (Faculty of History) successfully applied for an interdisciplinary ZiF Research Group “In Search of the Global Labour Market”.

ETACE Members Coordinate Marie Curie International Traning Network

Starting in March 2017 Bielefeld University will coordinate the Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Training Network
ExSIDE (Expectation and Social Influence Dynamics in Economics). 15 doctoral students will study and do research within the program, which involves 8 European Universities and is funded by the European Commission with 3.8 Mio. Euro. Apart from the Network coordinator Herbert Dawid also ETACE member Anna Zaharieva will be involved in the program as doctoral supervisor.
For more information see: