The ETACE Research Agenda

Research in the workgroup on Economic Theory And Computational Economics (ETACE) is mainly concerned with the analysis of different aspects of economic dynamics and strategic interaction. It employs and extends both analytical methods, in particular dynamic optimization and dynamic game theory, and computational approaches, where the latter includes numerical methods for the solution of (dynamic) equilibrium models as well as agent-based simulation.

Work at ETACE is based on the conviction that thorough examination of (dynamic) economic phenomena should be based on a combination of:

  • (dynamic) equilibrium analysis, providing benchmark results under full rationality (and foresight) of decision makers,
  • the explicit consideration of the economic dynamics unfolding under the interaction of boundedly rational heterogeneous agents.

The aim of our work is to extend the toolbox of economists and to apply these tools to relevant research questions, mainly in the areas of Industrial Economics, Labour Economics and Macroeconomic Dynamics.

Ongoing research work at ETACE can be broadly subsumed under the following research topics. Please click on a topic for a short research outline, concrete projects and publications by ETACE members related to this topic.


New results of ETACE research are first available in the SSRN Working Paper Series Bielefeld Working Papers in Economic and Management.

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