Information for Incoming Students

A warm Welcome to Bielefeld University, especially to our Faculty of Business Administration and Economics!

These pages are for students interested in or nominated for a study period of one or two semesters at Bielefeld University within the European exchange program Erasmus/QEM.

Modern study courses, an outstanding infrastructure, exceptional support services and co-operations around the world - Bielefeld University is an excellent choice. Students are the centre of attention and that is why projects on the improvement of study courses are constantly being established and expanded. This effort was rewarded with a success in the nationwide competition "Initiative for excellent teaching", where Bielefeld University was one of 6 universities in Germany that was awarded a prize for a unique teaching and study culture.

The fundamental objective of Economics and Business Administration studies is to explain economic interrelations and to make predictions about the effects of economic decisions. The focus is on understanding and shaping economic processes and structures. Theoretical analyses as well as empirical research are necessary in order to achieve these goals. Both aspects are embraced by teaching and research conducted within the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. The emphasis placed on quantitative approaches in our faculty results from the insight that complex and interdependent economic relationships can frequently be described and conveyed with greater precision by using mathematical methods rather than verbal means.

The Faculty comprises the three disciplines Business Administration, Economics and Statistics/Econometrics, furthermore the Institute of Mathematical Economics IMW.

A broad variety of study courses and numerous possibilities are offered to combine different subjects. The exceptionally flexible course system and an additional "individual module", in which students can choose courses from all subjects, enable students to customize their studies according to their personal interests.

Courses taught in English can be found on the university homepage, click here

For all questions concerning the course system and modules please contact marcel.gemander@uni-bielefeld.de

All information required for ERASMUS students can be found here .

Information on organizational matters before and after the arrival in Bielefeld, about housing matters, orientation weeks, language courses, as well as other aspects of studying and living in Bielefeld can be found on International Office.


See you soon in Bielefeld !




Vortrag im Kolloquium des ZeSt


Am 29.5.2018 trägt Prof. Dr. Göran Kauermann vom Institut für Statistik der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München im Rahmen des Kolloquiums des Zentrums für Statistik vor.

Vortrag im Economics Seminar


Am Dienstag, 29.05.2018 spricht Francesc Dilmé (Universität Bonn) zum Thema "Optimal Languages".

Workshop zu Simulation und Optimierung komplexer Systeme im Oktober in Bielefeld


Die diesjährige Sitzung der GOR-Arbeitsgruppe "Simulation und Optimierung komplexer Systeme" wird diesmal in Kooperation mit dem iTIME von 11.10.– 12.10.2018 an der der Universität Bielefeld stattfinden.

Wissenschaftliche Jahrestagung der Stiftung Prof. Dr. oec. Westerfelhaus


Am 28.05.2018 findet die Jahrestagung der 2015 gegründeten Stiftung Prof. Dr. oec. Westerfelhaus im Zentrum für Interdisziplinäre Forschung (ZIF) der Universität Bielefeld statt.

Auslandsaufenthalte während des Studiums


Sie möchten gerne für ein Semester z. B. in Frankreich, Italien oder Portugal studieren?

Was macht den Studiengang Wirtschaftswissenschaften an der Universität Bielefeld aus?


Prof. Dr. Hermann Jahnke erzählt in drei Videos, welche Besonderheiten der Studiengang an der Universität Bielefeld bietet.