Priv.-Doz. Dr. Odile Sauzet


Head of the statistical consulting unit (StatBeCe)

Room V9 - 132
E-mail: odile.sauzet@uni-bielefeld.de

Please visit my personal web page.


New DFG project

The DFG is funding a new 2-year project on the detection of match-fixing.

New paper (on darts)

Paper accepted at PLOS ONE on choking under pressure in darts.

New paper (on demand forecasting)

Paper accepted at EJOR on demand forecasting in retailing.

New paper (on the hot hand)

Paper accepted at JRSS-A on the hot hand in darts.

New paper (on HMMs)

Paper accepted at METRON on flexible estimation on HMMs for count data.

New paper (on (H)HMMs)

Paper accepted at Methods in Ecology and Evolution on hierarchical HMMs for multi-scale behavioural data.

New paper (on seals)

Paper accepted at Scientific Reports on interactions between grey seals and fishing vessels.

New paper (on match fixing)

Paper accepted at Statistical Modelling on match-fixing warning systems in football.