Marius Ötting (M.Sc.)


Research associate (PhD student)

Room V9 - ???
Phone: +49 521 106-????
E-mail: marius.oetting@uni-bielefeld.de


  • since 03/2017: PhD student in the Statistics and Data Analysis Group
  • 10/2014-02/2017: Studies of Statistical Science (M.Sc.), Bielefeld University
  • 10/2011-09/2014: Studies of Economics (B.Sc.), Bielefeld University



  • Tutorials for the lecture courses "Angewandte Statistik", "Statistik I", "Statistik II" and "Einführung in die Ökonometrie" (2013-2017)


  • "Match-Fixing in the Italian Serie B – An Empirical Approach Using Flexible Regression", Workshop of the Centre for Statistics, Bielefeld University, May 2017
  • "Detecting match-fixing in football - an analysis of the Bundesliga and 3. Liga in Germany", Statistics Seminar Series, Bielefeld University, January 2017


New paper

Paper published at Dependence Modeling that compares methods for nonparametric estimation of simplified vines.

New paper

Paper accepted at AStA Wirtschafts- und Sozialstatistisches Archiv estimating income mobility with D-vines using bivariate penalized splines.

New paper

Our review paper on statistical models for animal movement got accepted at AStA Advances in Statistical Analysis.

New paper

Paper accepted at JABES on selecting the number of states of an HMM.

New paper

Paper accepted at JABES on multi-scale modelling of animal movement and general animal behaviour.

New paper

Paper accepted at Ecology on the estimation and simulation of foraging trips of central-place foragers.

New member of the group

Marius Ötting has joined the group as a PhD student.

New paper

Paper accepted at Statistics and Computing on estimating non-simplified vine copulas using penalized splines.

New paper

Paper accepted at Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry on fitting a special type of SV models.

DFG grant

Odile Sauzet won a DFG grant to work on a project on health inequality.

New paper

Paper accepted at the Annals of Applied Statistics on possible responses of blue whales to sound exposure.

EcoHMM research group

We created the research group EcoHMM.

Karl Peter Grotemeyer Prize

Roland Langrock will be awarded the Karl Peter Grotemeyer Prize.